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    Power Steering Boxes

    Turn One's high performance steering boxes are the BEST you can get!  Our power steering boxes are 5lbs lighter than traditional boxes.  We invented the 6, 7, and 8:1 ratios, and offer a host of other ratio boxes as well.  With over 60 years of steering innovation, you know you are getting the BEST!  Turn One's technicians test and certify EVERY steering box before it leaves our facility.  Our rack and pinion valve technology guarantees YOU more on-center feel to give you more control.  Turn One also provides custom valving to fine tune your box to be exactly what YOU want it to be!
    Performance Plus Model
    From $1,350.00 Part #: T8210
    Performance Model
    From $849.00 Part #: T12BASE
    3rd Gen F-body Performance Plus Model
    From $1,450.00 Part #: F8210
    3rd Gen F-body Performance Model
    From $949.00 Part #: F12BASE