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    c3 corvette with turn one logo

    Thank you for your interest in Turn One! As a part of the automotive and motorsports industries, we are honored to have opportunities for involvement with many incredible vehicles, drivers and projects. Every year, we must selectively choose to work between individuals, racing teams, media, and automotive-related companies to exchange our products and services for marketing exposure.

    Please read through the details below before downloading and completing the Sponsorship Application. All submissions are carefully reviewed for the level of suitability and involvement for Turn One. Please note that not all submissions will be deemed to be in the best interest of our current initiatives. We also consider each sponsorship program as a unique relationship that is custom-tailored for the party involved. Email the completed form to sponsorships@turnone-steering.com for consideration.

    How The Program Works

    Projects that are deemed a good fit for Turn One will be contacted. Sponsors must be willing to pay for products up-front. Depending on the level of Turn One’s involvement, a sponsor will be eligible to earn a partial or full refund of the price paid for the product(s) by completing sponsorship requirements (refund will not exceed the total price paid for product(s)). If all requirements are met, Turn One will issue a full-price refund check after a designated time period. Partially completing requirements would be eligible for a partial product refund. All sponsorship programs are, by default, considered 12-month programs unless otherwise stated.

    Turn One Sponsorship Process

    1. Complete and submit the Sponsorship Application to Turn One for consideration by emailing it to sponsorships@turnone-steering.com
    2. We will be in contact with you if we feel there is a good fit for both parties
    3. Based on your unique project, Turn One will create a sponsorship program for you
    4. If you agree, we’ll sign a commitment document for both parties that specifies products/services received, sponsorship requirements, and values
    5. You purchase and receive the products you need
    6. Start earning refund value by completing agreed upon sponsorship requirements
    7. We’ll send you a refund check based on the requirements that were completed