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    C4 Rack-And-Pinion Rebuild - A Turn for the Better

    Taking care of the power-steering pump is a pretty easy fix—it's simply replaced with a new one. There's no such remedy for the rack-and-pinion unit, however, because it's no longer manufactured. Options, then, are limited to scouring Craigslist and salvage yards for a used part or having the original unit rebuilt. Only a few companies around the country perform the procedure, and we recently stopped by Saginaw, Michigan's Turn One to see how it was done.

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    Rebuilding The Steering Rack - Steer Clear

    Maintenance? Wear and tear? Random leaks? Tires?! You mean to tell me building and running a track day toy isn't just about dive bombing GT500s and getting point-byes from guys in overpriced "super cars?" Ugh, this sucks! Well, let's get the Killer up on the lift and find out just how much 500-plus miles of abuse has done.

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