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    Enhance Your Driving Experience

    Electric power steering (EPS) is the new generation of steering assist that will only continue to get better, and Turn One is going all-in to push the envelope in electric steering performance. We're bringing our experience in power steering systems to the electric market - by designing products with better performance, increased durability, and more flexible options to you as a driver. Our new electric power steering unit, accessories and kits are designed with the same Turn One quality to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

    What is Electric Power Steering?

    All power steering systems function with one main purpose - make it easier for the driver to turn the wheels of the vehicle. Many older cars did not have power steering. More modern hydraulic systems provide steering assist through pressurized fluid, powered by a belt-driven pump mounted on the engine accessory drive. Electric power steering adds power assist to the steering column through the use of an electric motor.

    EPS Benefits

    While hydraulically-powered steering systems still have their place, electric power steering provides drivers with some unique advantages. EPS units are perfect for the hot rod market because they are compact and have versatile mounting locations. This means that older vehicles without power steering can now have steering assist added to the stock steering column in a discreet manner. The flexibility with EPS mounting and customizable steering feel also make it an ideal choice for custom classics and hot rods that often have unique engine bay and steering spacing requirements. (The driver's seat photo is from a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 with a Turn One electric power steering unit mounted underneath the dashboard)

    Turn One's Column-Assist Electric Steering

    Our EPS kit uses a column-assist power unit. This means the EPS does not replace your current steering box or rack & pinion, but rather provides electrically-powered assist along the steering column. Column-assist units are compact and have flexible mounting options, meaning they can even fit underneath your dashboard.

    There is no need to be intimidated by space-age electronic components or complicated wiring systems! Our EPS system is very simple by nature and straightforward to get up and running. The electrical system runs power direct from your existing 12V battery, with a ignition wire to power up the EPS system whenever you turn your vehicle on.